Ireland boasts highest number of Snapchat Users !



In Q1 2015 research by GlobalWebIndex, more than half of teen internet users in Ireland reported using Snapchat—higher penetration than any other country studied.

While other analysis finds that usage is much lower among the general population, those who do have an account are frequent users.

When May 2015 polling by Ipsos MRBI asked consumers ages 15 and older in Ireland about the social messaging sites and apps they used, 22% of respondents reported having a Snapchat account. This was much lower than the 43% penetration for both Facebook Messenger and Skype, and trailed WhatsApp and Viber by about 15 percentage points each.

However, when it came to actually using the services, Snapchat users were the most engaged by far. Among those who had a Snapchat account, 63% used it daily. In comparison, 51% of WhatsApp users used the social messaging app each day—the second-highest response—while Facebook Messenger trailed in third by this metric, at 46%. And despite landing in first for penetration, Skype saw just 7% of users logging on daily.

Facebook led for social network penetration and usage by a long shot—with 60% of consumers in Ireland reporting having an account and 72% accessing it daily. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ were each used by about one-quarter of respondents, but daily usage among these varied significantly: Fully 35% of Twitter users logged on daily, vs. 20% of Google+ users and just 12% of LinkedIn users. Instagram, which had just 18% penetration, had the second-highest daily interaction, at nearly half of users.

According to Eurostat figures released in December 2014, 63% of internet users ages 16 to 74 in Ireland were social network users last year. UM reported higher social network user penetration among 16-to-54-year-old internet users in the country last year, at 73.8%.


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