Apparel Companies Must Go Extra Mile to Establish Brand Loyalty

In the fast paced world of the fashion industry, competition is fiercer than ever for designers and manufactures looking to make a lasting impact on potential buyers. Today, the trend for the general population is to express one’s own unique tastes, style, and individualism through their fashion selections.

For that reason, more shoppers are looking toward smaller clothing companies and online niche products in order to stand out. Though this is an outstanding opportunity for smaller operations, for designers, it makes the need to differentiate themselves from the competition all the more important. A big part of being able to do so is having access to the right materials at the right price. Thankfully, experienced distributors like Fabric Selection Inc. provide high quality, in demand, fabric at wholesale prices to manufacturers in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

For apparel designers, materials are everything. The success or failure of a project often comes down to materials. Because clothing is an emotional investment for buyers, the material needs to resonate with customers in all the right ways. A design that simply doesn’t work on cotton might be incredibly powerful on jacquard material. In addition to affecting the tactile feel of a product, different materials allow for a different range of colors. For example, a blue denim versus a blue on wool obviously offers two different experiences. Also, because different materials become more or less popular as different styles emerge, it’s important for designers to be able to quickly experiment with a range of materials to keep up with trends.

Price is also a key factor to consider. Fabric, production, and material costs are often the biggest expenditures for clothing and apparel designers and manufactures. Popular materials like printed lace can quickly become expensive when ordered in bulk, and smaller operations often have more difficulty covering these costs.

It’s these same companies that tend to take bigger risks with their designs in hope of differentiating themselves from their competition, but they also take a bigger hit if their efforts don’t pay off.

For that reason, it’s all the more important that they’re able to acquire their materials at wholesale prices in order to stay competitive. To help keep designers in the game, the extensive online store at Fabric Selection Inc. offers high quality materials at affordable rates. Because fashion moves quickly, every item listed in their online store is available for immediate shipping.

Located in the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, the team at Fabric Selection Inc. is standing by to give designers the competitive edge they need.

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