Tata Sky launches new Digital Campaign

Tata Sky, the innovative and technological pioneer of the Indian DTH industry has launched its first digital only campaign for its upcoming ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ set-top box.

Launching today, the campaign features three teaser commercials followed by the main commercial which goes on-air from 1st September 2015. The campaign introduces Tata Sky’s latest product the Tata Sky+ Transfer, which enable the set top box recording to be available on the subscribers’ tablets and phones.

This campaign uses Tata Sky’s trademark style of using hyperboles and humor to drive home the product messages in an interesting manner. The protagonists “Transferkars” are a TV addicted family- a family of six each madly passionate about his or her show and the campaign is a series of films that bring alive the lengths that they go to carry their favourite TV shows with them.

The commercial portrays ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer’ as an innovative product which solves these problems by enabling subscribers to transfer recorded content on their mobile devices and view it at their convenience. Hence, the campaign concludes with the sign off ‘Record. Transfer. Carry’

Shedding light on what consumer behaviours drove this innovative campaign, Malay Dikshit Chief Communications Officer – Tata Sky said “Today time comes at a premium, the consumer is increasingly finding it difficult to be constrained by fixed timing and location for viewing even recorded content. Thus the demand for convergence and portability of content.

The rapid increase of Wi-Fi enabled homes open up new possibilities and potential for new offerings. The Tata Sky+ Transfer box delivers on this sweet spot allowing subscribers to use their connected homes to enjoy their space and identity. Our focused digital-approach with this new campaign along with the launch of an interactive micro-site would surely intrigue existing and prospective subscribers.” He concluded stating, “It is just the beginning of our endeavours to un-box entertainment for our subscribers.”

Talking about the creative on the campaign George Kovoor – Sr. Creative Director at Ogilvy One stated, “Tata Sky has once again set the benchmark through this unique digital first campaign. At the heart of the campaign is a family of obsessive TV show fans who not only engage the consumers but also demonstrate the Transfer product in a simple yet entertaining story. Fans can follow this family and their quirks on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even an interactive microsite.”

The task for us was to create a high impact campaign centered around digital devices like smartphones & tablets, demonstrating clearly and in a memorable way how to and in what situations this product is used.


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