India lags behind New Zealand in Email Marketing

India lags behind New Zealand in Email MarketingEmail benchmarking can be tough. Not only do different types of campaigns garner different response rates, variables from industry to daypart to day of week can have major effects on results. And so can the market you’re writing to.

According to Q1 2015 data from Experian Marketing Services, email marketing open rates in Asia-Pacific range anywhere from a low of 9.6% in India to 33.1% in New Zealand.

Click-to-open rates also varied widely. Most hovered in the low double digits, but they were as low as 5.6%—again in India—and as high as 20.9%—again in New Zealand.

Bounce rates tended to be low, though they were also highest in India, further suggesting that the subcontinent is not the most congenial place for email marketers in the region.

Overall, marketing emails sent to the more developed countries studied, including Australia and New Zealand along with city-state Singapore and the developed, urban Hong Kong performed significantly better than those sent to less developed or more rural markets.


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