Online Video boosts PC Internet Time in China



Online video is a major driver of time spent using the internet with desktop and laptop computers in China, according to data from iResearch Consulting Group. One-third of time spent online via PCs from home and work locations was spent watching video as of June 2015, the firm reported.

Online video’s share of total PC time with the internet was down since June 2014, but only by 1.5 percentage points. Time spent with social media, which accounted for 10.6% of all time spent online via desktop/laptop in June 2015, was down more significantly, by 3.8 percentage points. While search and gaming activities got a slight bump, the most significant increase was in time spent doing “other” activities. (Editor’s note: In 2014, “other” included financial services, but not news and information. These categorizations were flipped in 2015.)

eMarketer estimates that internet usage will account for more than half of all media time in China this year, but a majority of that usage will take place on mobile devices. This year, the average adult in China will spend 17.4% of daily media time going online with desktop and laptop computers.

But for video, desktops and laptops are more popular than mobile phones. Data from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) indicates that in 2014, 32.4% of digital video viewers in China watched for 2 hours or longer per day on PCs, vs. just 16.8% who said they same about viewing video on mobile phones, for example.


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