Advertisers Increasingly Embrace Holistic Approach to Video

Videology , a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, found that advertisers are increasingly planning their video strategies holistically, and as a result, mobile has been the greatest benefactor.

According to an analysis of Videology’s platform usage in the first quarter, the total number of campaigns delivered on mobile increased 81% compared to the previous quarter. In Q1 2015, 58% of all campaigns had a mobile component to them, compared to 52% in Q4 2014 and only 21% in Q1 2014.

The analysis, titled the First Quarter U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance, found 58% of advertisers ran their campaigns on more than one screen (e.g., PC and mobile) in Q1 2015, compared to just 17% in Q1 2014. Specifically, 48% of all Q1 2015 campaigns ran on PC, mobile and connected TV simultaneously, compared to just 6% in Q1 2014.

The analysis also found 14% of all campaigns used TV data segments to complement their digital video campaigns to target specific TV audiences and/or to reach exposed or unexposed viewers of their TV ads. And advertisers are continuing to buy their digital video ads as they do for TV, on a guaranteed CPM basis – 95% of advertisers did so in Q1, compared to 91% a year ago.

“This current climate of consumer-driven convergence is driving marketers to view planning, buying and executing on TV and digital through a more holistic lens,” said Scott Ferber, Videology Chairman and CEO. “As the industry continues to improve standards and work toward achieving more seamless ad experiences, mobile will increasingly play a larger role as part of that cross-screen equation.”


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