Yahoo Launches New Video Ad Formats

Yahoo has announced two new video advertising products: native video and video app install ads.

“Today more than ever, consumers are showing they love engaging with digital video across all their devices,” said Prashant Fuloria, SVP of Advertising Products. “At Yahoo, we believe that ads should be as delightful and engaging as the best content on web, which is why I’m thrilled to announce these two new powerful formats to help advertisers to reach their audiences.”

Yahoo has video formats that help advertisers with their campaign goals from brand awareness to performance-based objectives. With native video ads, Yahoo combines two of the most engaging digital formats so brand content can be as compelling as a video and as seamlessly integrated into Yahoo’s homepage, digital magazines and Yahoo apps as our traditional native ads. According to a recent blind case study for an advertiser, viewing native video ads on Yahoo increased brand favorability up to 50 percent and purchase intent up to 28 percent.

With video app install ads, app marketers and developers can now promote their apps across Yahoo and thousands of other apps through Yahoo Gemini. Yahoo research shows that consumers who download an app after watching a trailer use the apps 40 percent more often and 20 percent longer each and every time compared with regular display install ads.

“I’m excited to announce these new video formats for advertisers right before our NewFronts event, where we’ll be showing the world even more of what Yahoo has planned in video,” continued Fuloria. Yahoo’s NewFronts presentation will take place at Lincoln Center at 6 p.m. on April 27, 2015.

For more information and to access the new formats, advertisers can reach out to a Yahoo or BrightRoll sales representative, or log on to to get started right away.


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