Retail Marketers in India Up Social Spend

Retail Marketers in India Up Social Spend

Courtesy: The Hindu Businessline

Social media marketing appears to be performing well for retailers in India, based on 2015 research conducted by the Retailers Association of India (RAI) and Octane Research among both online and offline-only retailers in the country,reports eMarketer.

Across the total respondent pool, 74% said they were increasing spending on social promotions and advertising this year—ahead of any other digital marketing channel. Just under half would increase email marketing spending.

Planned investment increases tracked closely with where retailers were already doing their digital marketing: 79% of respondents used social media marketing, and 62% used email. Mobile, search and display campaigns were less common.

Both groups reported customer acquisition as their main marketing goal, though it was more important for offline-only than online retailers.

According to February 2015 polling by Deloitte, 71% of digital shoppers in urban India used digital devices before making a purchase, emphasizing the importance of digital retail marketing in the country.



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