MRC asks ABC to Remove Stephanopoulos from Campaign Coverage

MRC president Brent Bozell issued a statement Friday on George Stephanopoulos and his Clinton Foundation donation scandal:

“George Stephanopoulos’ apology and recusal from moderating the 2016 presidential debate is not enough.  Stephanopoulos’ contributions to the Clinton Foundation and his close association with the Clintons make him unfit to play the important role of an impartial, balanced and fair news anchorman on any ABC political based programming involving the 2016 election.  He is a Clinton partisan and a liberal commentator and he has been deceiving his audience.  ABC is an accomplice to this deception and now has an ethics and integrity problem.

“The most appropriate way for ABC to resolve this issue is by forbidding Stephanopoulos from anchoring any political coverage of the 2016 cycle or they will face the same integrity and ethics problems now plaguing NBC.”

Bozell also made the point on Twitter:
.@GStephanopoulos has been deceiving his audience and should recuse himself from covering 2016. If he doesn’t, @ABC should do it for him.

— Brent Bozell (@BrentBozell) May 15, 2022


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