Lowe Lintas unveils Havells LED campaign

Havells LEDThe LED Lights product category has become too cluttered of late with a number of brands unveiling campaigns around the same.

Brands like Philips, Syska, Eveready etc have outlined huge budgets to promote products and their associated advantages. Amidst the noise, Havells decided to advertise their LED range in a unique manner by keeping the focus on savings – a primary consumer benefit of LED lamps.

Last year, Havells came up with “Gift an LED” campaign during the festive period. It helped in setting up Havells LED as an ideal gift for the season. This time around they are back with a new campaign which talks about how one can light up other people’s lives using Havells LED.

The new campaign developed by Lowe Lintas Delhi showcases the complete LED range offered by Havells. The communication is based on the simple human insight that when we save money, we tend to become more giving and lend a helping hand to others.

Explaining the rationale behind the campaign, Vijay Narayanan, VP Marketing, Havells India Limited said, “The objective of the new campaign was to build an emotional connect with the consumers while communicating the savings benefit of LEDs. In addition to that we also wanted to showcase the wide range of LED products that Havells has to offer.”

The new television campaign shows the key protagonists helping those in need by using Havells LED lights. Real life situations that lights up the heart and soul were created. Situation 1 - a little girl lends a helping hand to a poor kid to study in the night by keeping her LED lamp switched on through the night. Situation 2 – A shop owner volunteers to help a woman who happens to be waiting for someone outside his shop by switching on the LED lights in his shop. Situation 3 – a CEO of a company brings happiness to two young girls who are playing at an open space outside the office.

Throughout the three TVCs, the core thought is beautifully summed in the campaign with the thought – ‘Jab bill chhota hota hai, toh dil bada ho jaata hai’.

Speaking about the campaign, Amer Jaleel, NCD, Lowe Lintas + Partners said: “Havells tries not to tell its loyalists why they should buy a Havells. Unlike the other brands who make a ‘sensible’ ‎or ‘savings’ pitch to their consumers, Havells helps you discover what you can do with a Havells LED. So we are telling stories of how people can share light and go beyond the obvious benefits of saving electricity. That’s what will build the overall brand franchise for Havells - Happy Lighting.”

Adding his views, Shriram Iyer, Executive Director – Creative, Lowe Lintas said, “The campaign idea “bijli bachaiye, roshni failaiye” allowed us to tell simple stories of how people can touch the lives of others in need through light. Generosity comes from prosperity - is a guiding principle for this idea and the life incidents that follow.”

The campaign will be seen online including social platforms and offline through television on key channels.

Team Credits:
Creative: Amer Jaleel, Shriram Iyer, Prasad Venkatraman, Abhishek Dey, Nisheeth Srivastava
Business: Syed Amjad Ali, Sonia Upadhyaya, Twishi Pande
Producer: Chrome Films
Director: Manoj Pillai


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