Japan lags behind in Mobile retargetting

Nearly half of marketers in Japan are not using retargeting for mobile efforts, according to September 2014 polling by AdRoll,reports eMarketer.

Despite realizing many benefits from retargeting on the desktop, marketers seem behind the curve shifting the same campaigns to mobile devices.

Some of the issues involved are basic: Of those marketers who weren’t doing mobile retargeting, 46% said it was because they didn’t even have a mobile site. Mobile ads can only do so much good without optimized landing pages or shopping experiences for consumers to click through to.

About three in 10 marketers who didn’t do mobile retargeting said they thought there wasn’t a good user experience yet for mobile advertising—a contentious claim considering how significantly mobile ad spending has risen in recent years.

Meanwhile, one in five said their customers weren’t mobile—another controversial claim, with mobile phone internet usage reaching 54.3% of the population this year.

What are the 47% of marketers who skip mobile retargeting missing out on? AdRoll found that in general, marketers in Japan said retargeting was best for driving sales (58%), brand awareness (43%) and community building (36%).



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