Posterscope creates OOH campaign for Goodricke’s Roasted

VIP-Kaikhali-BQSAdda (Gossip) and Cha (Tea) are the two most indispensable elements when it comes to life in Kolkata. Therefore, Goodricke – along with its leading Darjeeling Tea Brand - Roasted, has always worked hard to keep this true spirit of Adda up and high wherever there is a gathering.

This could be a para-meet (neighbourhood-meeting), in the coffee house or with family. Therefore, in a bid to give boost to the soulful adda-culture of Kolkata, Goodricke has taken to the Outdoor-route for the first time to promote their highest selling Brand – Roasted – amongst masses as the most sought after Darjeeling Tea Brand in the country.

Outdoor being the only medium of communication here, crafting the campaign strategy was a huge challenge for Posterscope. Since ‘adda’ was at the apex of the campaign brief, the primary target of the campaign was to target consumers at those touchpoints where mass-gatherings happen.

Since people can gather, mingle and gossip anywhere, identifying requisite OOH spots near those areas using multimedia options was the key task that Posterscope took up as part of its client-campaign strategy. The touchpoints needed to cater to all age groups. Therefore, apart from using main media Billboards, different formats such as metro signages, island branding, Glass facad, BQS were used for the campaign. The campaign was rolled out in 2 phases wherein the initial burst was for a 30-day-period, which was then followed up with a sustenance campaign for next 30 days further. In between, there were quite a few filler phases conducted which were of short durations in a bid to give a time-boost to the campaign during the monthly buying cycles.

It is pertinent to note here that the whole campaign strategy has been to position ‘Roasted’ as an ‘Adda Starter’ among the masses and influence the buyer’s purchasing decisions, which is then tilted towards Brand Roasted. Supporting the next two phases of the strategic road map, Hyperspace, the Retail Solution division under the Posterscope umbrella, mapped all their retail counters under general trade. Here, a retail audit was conducted to know the exact visibility challenges and consecutive solutions were given in terms of visibility enhancements at those stores; also customized executions were carried out to increase the Brand recall at loose-tea counters under general trade.

Commenting on this campaign, Vikram Sungh Gulia, Senior General Goodricke Group Ltd., said; “When it came to the positioning of Kolkata’s No.1 Darjeeling Tea, we wanted ROASTED to truly speak of the spirit in which it is bought, made and consumed in most households in this city. The two things that truly define the spirit of this city and its old world charm are, tea and adda. Both being complementary, in etiquette, in habit and in practice. For years, it has been a custom in this City of Joy, to sit and discuss politics, cinema and life in general, over a cup of tea. In the mornings before everyone goes to work, in the evenings when everyone comes back from work and several times in between. These tea sessions are almost always accompanied by an adda.”

“Therefore, what better message could we send out than ‘Proti Chumuke Adda Jomuk’ (Let every sip be a conversation starter). Our current campaign idea, ‘Addai Attkhana’ also generates from the same idea of celebrating conversations. “Ahlade Atkhana’, the Bengali proverb, literally translates, as the utter joy and satisfaction one gets from unrestricted pampering. Our ROASTED campaign is about indulging oneself, in such an adda,” he added.

Stating the pride of the brand,  Haresh Nayak, Managing Director – Posterscope India said, “It gives us immense pleasure to be their preferred agency when it comes to providing outdoor solution and optimisation. The media strategy was aligned to ensure that the campaign matches the means of communication across all platform, be it outdoor or retail, within the consumer ecosystem. A very scientific method was put into the media planning, considering the brand value and insight and took great care in formulating and executing a plan that would create a powerful impact across the target group.”


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