Australian smartphone buying audience youngest except China, Mexico

One in three digital buyers in Australia has made a purchase via smartphone, putting the country even with the UK and just ahead of the US by this metric, citing PayPal and Ipsos research, reports

Among those who did purchase via smartphone, 64% had made a purchase via an app in the past year, while 55% had done so via mobile browser. And Australia’s smartphone buying audience is younger than average around the world, with 74% being composed of people ages 18 to 34. That’s a higher share of millennials among the smartphone buying audience than in any country other than Mexico or China.

The Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) and Complete the Picture Consulting reported that in October 2014, 59% of mobile phone users in Australia had made a purchase via their devices in the past year. That made it the least popular among all the mobile activities investigated in the poll, but nearly twice as common as it had been in July 2011 polling.

The survey found that tickets of various kinds were the No. 1 purchase category for mobile buyers in 2014, surging ahead of digital content for the mobile phone, which had taken first place the previous year. That category was down to second in 2014, and clothing, shoes and jewellery made a solid showing for third place.

Except for digital content meant for a mobile phone, however, every product and service category listed was more likely to be purchased on a PC than on a mobile phone or tablet.

Image Courtesy: The Guardian


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