Priyanka Chopra is Harper’s Bazaar first cover girl for 2013

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Priyanka Chopra on Harper's BAZAAR Jan- Feb 2013 CoverNew Delhi: Harper’s Bazaar bi monthly, January- February issue presents Priyanka Chopra talking about her successful move to music while juggling a plethora of films. Priyanka poses candidly, and speaks to  Bazaar about her musical career and how it has positioned her on the world stage, and its more immediate effect in her life.
Priyanka Chopra, says, “I’m not a person who plans every move. Five years ago, I didn’t have the remotest idea that I’d be cutting an album. Five years from now I don’t know if I’ll still be making music. I don’t plan my career. I just work really, really hard at being successful.”

She adds, “I work bloody hard for my success. I trained like crazy for months before the recording. Up until then, music was a hobby, when it became my work; I gave it the same single-minded focus that I gave to learning acting when I entered the industry.”

“As for my music, I’m an intelligent girl. I knew it was my first foray and I knew I’d make mistakes. I was, and am, okay with that. I don’t mind people saying I’m not very good. I wasn’t the actor I am today in my first movie either, but I got a second and third and fourth chance and I got better. If I get more chances in music, I’ll get better at it too.”

Other highlights includes key get-away chic trends to don; A guide to the newest, must-own ‘it’ bags; fashion’s rising stars in India and London; the health and beauty regimes of the Victoria’s Secret supermodels; along with the ultimate guide to the World’s best Ski Escapes for luxurious adventure escapes!

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