Saatchi & Saatchi launches Nippon’s campaign

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Nippon-Paint-campaignSaatchi & Saatchi Shanghai’s latest campaign for Nippon Paint introduces a “Fresh Beginning for Love”. The new TVC was released following the transformation of Nippon’s role as a paint supplier, to an ambassador providing complete painting systems, iColor Design and refresh service, devoted to providing people with a better life in all aspects.

The TVC presents a variety of refreshing scenes of love in life: a newly-married couple moves into a new house; parents refresh their children’s room; siblings paint walls for the elderly; a marriage proposal done with a mural painting. These scenes symbolize that Nippon is there by your side to refresh and greet each new chapter in life. Each scene ends with a sweet “kiss moment” as an iconic action to celebrate the beginning of a new life.

Meanwhile, a large renovation reality show “Home Transformer (梦想改造家)” exclusively titled by Nippon, is also a hit on Dragon TV.

“Home Transformer ” selects different styled houses in China and implements renovations that people love using Nippon iColor designers. The first phase of the program took place in Shanghai. An old 14 square meters home was turned into a three bedroom apartment with careful design and decoration provided by a Nippon iColor designer. Considering a strong attachment to the history of the place, the iColor designer retained traces of the past by selecting the traditional color of Shanghai with Nippon’s personalized palette equipment.

National ratings were 0.47 and ranked sixth at the same time segment after the first phase was broadcast. The ratings in Shanghai increased to 2.27 and became the number one same time segment on Dragon TV. The programme’s CTR on the network platform has reached more than 2.7 million, with search indexing doubling for “Nippon” on major search engines. Audiences have also praised the program as being “full of humanistic concern and happy positive energy”.

Tony Tsai, vice president of Nippon China, said: “Home Transformer (梦想改造家) interprets the brand concept of Nippon well with real renovation cases. Every consumer can become inspired. Only connecting consumers with love can promote a brand to further development.”

Fan Ng, Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai said, “Nippon Home Transformer (梦想改造家) not only shows us the magic which can turn the humble abode into a villa, but it can also spread every family’s warm stories in a special way. We hope that we can help more families refresh their dreams and start their new lives.”


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