Hampi most searched historical place: Google

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hampi_karnatkaKarnataka’s Heritage sites have always been of interest to tourists from across the globe.  These historical sites are known for their stories of architectural, historical, political, cultural, traditional and religious legacy of Karnataka.

With increasing number of tourist hopping on to the internet to find more information about tourist spots and historical places, Google search presents interesting insights based on online search patterns.

According to Google search trends for the past six months, there is a rising interest for Hampi among tourists as it emerges as the top searched historical site in Karnataka. Hampi, which also finds place in UNESCO World Heritage sites, is one of the most famous international tourist spots in India. Built by the Vijayanagara Empire, it is well known for its architecture and showcases splendid art and beautiful sculptures.

Hampi has been searched the most in Goa followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Hampi temple remained one of the top queries on Google.

Mysore Palace, also known as Ambavilas Palace is the second most famous heritage site searched in Karnataka. It has been searched the most by Karnataka and followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Built in Indo-Saracenic style, this palace has beautiful carvings and works of art from all over the world. Top queries for it on Google search are Mysore Palace timings and Mysore Palace images.

Other famous place of historical importance includes Gol Gumbaz and Bahubali being largely searched from Karnataka. They have been searched the most by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The forts reflect the success of Deccan architecture and attract many tourists especially from nearby states.

Badami Cave Temples, composingof four caves located on a hill cliff in North Karnataka also made its presence felt on the search charts attracting quite a large amount of searches although it remained relatively less popular compared to other historical destination in the state. Badami cave temples remained one of the top searched queries on Google.

With large amount of searches for historical places in the state, Karnataka is fast growing as a popular tourist state among both foreign and domestic tourists especially considering the digital generation from the state looking for regular weekend hangouts.


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