Mediaresearch launches guide to measure TV audience

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Peoplemeters---Stan-on-peopPrague : Mediaresearch , Czech has announced the launch of  a new website ( to provide information  about the principles of peoplemeter research. The  purpose of the website is to bring information about this type of research to the general public and help media education.  It will certainly be interesting for the experts as well, such as media professionals and media agencies, marketers and journalists.

Facts explained in the guide are based on the high standard and quality of the Czech TAM project, which Mediaresearch provides for the JIC Association of Television Organizations (ATO). The website was created to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the single currency TAM measurement under the auspices of the Association of Television Organizations.

“Over the more  than 11 years of our television audience measurement we have faced the problem of explaining the basic facts about peoplemeters which are complex, even for our clients and business partners. We hear countless myths about TAM measurement and we daresay that there is no difference abroad,” said Tereza Šimečková, CEO at Mediaresearch explaining the reasons for the creation of the website. “We have taken special care to make the website clear and understandable for a wide range of site-visitors while also preserving and elucidating the methodological principles of the research,” states Tereza Šimečková.

The website explains the basic principles of peoplemeter measurement based on the facts of the Czech project provided for the association which represents the interests of the Czech media market – the Association of Television Organizations. Foreign visitors can gain a basic idea of how a research project of this type is implemented. The TAM project provided by Mediaresearch in the Czech Republic also features premium qualities compared to similar foreign projects.

This popular educational website introduces its visitors to the TAM topic using the well known concept, in the Czech Republic, of pies of audience that evoke the most famous outcomes of peoplemeter data – pie charts.

The media market in the Czech Republic is currently celebrating the 16th anniversary of the TAM project under the auspices of the Association of Television Organizations. The Peoplemeters´ Day, which falls on 2nd June, commemorates the launch of the first television audience measurement project in 1997 in the Czech Republic. Until then, the audience was described by diary research, using standard questionnaires, in which the viewers themselves recorded what and how long they watched. The research data collection was accelerated by the introduction of peoplemeter technology and reporting of data became more accurate.


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