Kantar Media launches new solution for advertising networks

Kantar Media has launched an innovative new solution for advertising trading desks and ad networks that enables them to better meet the branding campaign requirements of advertisers.

Called TGI Digital Planner, the solution facilitates the identification of the most appropriate target for an advertiser, using Kantar Media’s TGI insights into consumer online and offline behaviour and consumption. TGI Digital Planner also permits the evaluation of the most effective campaign placement, finding an optimal balance of reach and efficiency.

Alex Kuhnel, Chief Operating Officer, TGI, Kantar Media, comments “I am very excited to be launching this pioneering new solution tailored to the needs of programmatic online advertising, which will ultimately boost agency and advertiser revenues.

Kuhnel continues, “Advertising campaigns based on cookies mean an audience can be reached wherever they are online. Our solution represents a natural evolution to programmatic objectives by providing advertisers, particularly in branding campaigns, with a context and an audience that fits with their positioning requirements. In addition, we bring a precision to consumer targeting beyond just browsing history and basic socio-demographic metrics that leads to more effective online campaigns”.

TGI Digital Planner is available now in both Great Britain and France. Kantar Media will roll out this solution in a variety of other key markets in the coming months.


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