BBC radio now available on mobile phone in Nigeria

Mobile phone users in Nigeria can now tune in to BBC World Service radio in English and Hausa by dialling the local number 01 4405 222.

BBC World Service is collaborating with ZenoRadio – a leading service that enables radio to be heard on the phone - to give on-demand access to BBC World Service’s audio streams in English (option 1) and Hausa (option 2).

Users can listen to the broadcasts from any mobile network in Nigeria. English-language radio is streamed live around the clock. Programmes in Hausa are streamed live at 06.30, 15.00 and 20.30 Nigeria Time and then repeated until the next programme is broadcast.

To hear the programmes, users can dial 01 4405 222 from any phone in Nigeria and choose the language they prefer from the audio menu. Calls are charged at a normal rate, according to network packages and tariffs.

BBC Africa Editor Solomon Mugera says: “The 01 4405 222 service provides open and easy access to the BBC’s radio programming that until now has only been available in Nigeria via shortwave, online and satellite. Thanks to this development, anybody with a mobile phone in Nigeria can listen to BBC World Service in English or Hausa at any time.”

There are 132 million active mobile devices in Nigeria*. By using ZenoRadio’s technology, the BBC dramatically improves its accessibility to Nigerian audiences, with every mobile phone user getting the chance to tune in to BBC radio.

“Thanks to BBC and our service, listeners in Nigeria can now stay connected to their favourite BBC content from any phone,” says Morris Berger, Chief Executive Officer of ZenoRadio. “As this is our first foray into Africa, we are proud to work with the BBC on this.”

By dialling the 01 4405 222 service, mobile-phone users across Nigeria can tune in to BBC Hausa’s 06.30 broadcast, BBC Shirin Safe, BBC Shirin Rana at 15.00, and BBC Shirin Yamma, at 20.30 Nigeria Time. Popular BBC programmes in English include Newsday every morning from 04.00 to 08.30 and Focus on Africa at 16.00, 18.00 and 20.00.

BBC Hausa is part of BBC World Service.


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