Times of India ,Twitter to develop social news hub

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Times of India and Twitter have joined hands to delight users with a unique integration named ‘Tweet to remember’. This joint social initiative will encourage users to exercise their core right as a citizen of world’s largest democracy, India: to remember to vote.

The integration empowers the voters, by reminding them on the day it matters most. When a user tweets “@timesofindia [city name]” (like “@Timesofindia Delhi”, they will be guided through a process that easily enables them to add the date for their vote to their calendar on their phone or desktop.

In addition, TimesofIndia.com has developed a Social News Hub, in partnership with Twitter & Frrole. It leverages trend analysis and sentiment analysis via algorithmically filtered tweets to display the latest trends and sentiments around candidates and parties, according to users, with real-time data and millions of data points. The data is beautifully presented with dynamic visualizations, sorted by day or week.

The platform offers a new lens to understand the Lok Sabha elections, bringing community feedback as a source of news.

Speaking on these partnerships, Satyan Gajwani, CEO, Times Internet, said, “The social conversation is a new component in today’s news cycle. As a news outlet, Timesofindia.com is always looking for ways to bring new information and new value to its users. With Social Hub, we’re bringing a new perspective that hasn’t been readily visible before, and with Tweet To Remember, we hope to better enable the thriving democracy that powers India.”

Rishi Jaitly, India Market Director, Twitter,commenting on the initiative said, “Twitter is the world’s leading mobile, real-time information network where users follow, share and experience content that is live, public and conversational. During this election season, the Twitter platform has become a vital source of daily information, conversation and communication for citizens and political leaders alike. We applaud Times Internet for innovating on our platform with “Tweet to Remember” and ensuring its audience can use Twitter to add its polling date and additional details to their calendars.”


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