MakeMyTrip launches RoutePlanner to enhance travel search

February 4, 2013 2:31 pm1 commentViews: 28

travel_searchNew Delhi: MakeMyTrip, India’s leading Travel Company, has launched RoutePlanner – an innovative application that makes travel planning faster and easier. Developed exclusively for the Indian traveller, RoutePlanner integrates availability of services like flights, buses, trains and cabs to display the exact connectivity options between any two places in India. This launch is an extension of the brand’s promise of delighting customers through Technology and Innovation.

“MakeMyTrip is committed to using technology and innovation to empower travellers. We are delighted to introduce RoutePlanner in India. The application combines our strong product-portfolio and technology-expertise to integrate travel search and simplify the travel planning experience. Its remarkably simple user interface that is powered by the Route Rank  algorithm designed in-house makes Route Planner very easy to use,”  Amit Somani, Chief Products Officer, said.

RoutePlanner allows users to view multiple routes for the same origin-destination pair. Furthermore, it enables trip-planning between any two destinations in India by combining multiple modes of transportation across 4300 cities, 2300 flight routes, 65,000 bus routes, 970,000 train routes and an extensive road network. Each route is ranked by an algorithm called RouteRank which ranks the routes basis convenience, duration of travel and price.  Mr. Somani elaborated, “Route Rank is unique in that it takes into account user preferences beyond quantifiable metrics. Being able to factor in a weighted value to ‘convenience’ helps solve the conundrum that the cheapest route might not actually be the most preferable.”

Once a route is selected, RoutePlanner displays the best transport combinations down to the specific flight number, train name or bus operator with approximate fares - all the traveller needs to do is book.


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