ZEDO Expands Biz in Singapore,Australia

ZEDO, the leading global ad platform partner for publishers and advertisers, has announced the opening of new offices in Singapore and Australia.

Under the leadership of Anmol Arora, Managing Director, APAC, the offices will offer innovative ZINC ad formats to agencies and agency trading desks across the market.

“After successfully building the ZINC ad sales business in both US and India, we are enthusiastic to expand to larger markets and better serve the APAC region and Australia. Anmol has showcased his ability to build both relationships and business, which has made a tremendous impact on our business. In addition to that, ZINC is currently the only media vendor used by all 5 major trading desks,” says Roy de Souza, founder and CEO, ZEDO.

On the launch of the new offices, Anmol Arora, Managing Director, APAC said, “The APAC region is the fastest growing and most complex consumer market. Establishing our presence in the region illustrates our continued commitment to extending our global presence and supporting our client’s long term growth and success everywhere they operate.“

Digital Ad Spending in Asia Pacific region is estimated to reach $96.40 billion by 2018 from $46.59 billion in 2014. The Singapore office will cater to agencies and trading desks that invest for countries as far apart as South Korea and Indonesia, while the Australian office will serve the ad industry on that continent.


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