Ramsay Street gets new neighbours

Felix-Mallard,Darcy-Tadich,Matt-Wilson,Zoe-Cramond-resizedFour new residents are set to move into television’s most popular address - Ramsay Street – from next month (June 2015), it has been revealed today.

Joining the Neighbours cast is Sydney model and actor Matt Wilson, former Packed to the Rafters star Zoe Cramond, and talented newcomer Darcy Tadich.  Rising teen musician and actor Felix Mallard, who was introduced to viewers last year as Karl and Susan Kennedy’s cherished grandson Ben, will be taking over their spare room.

Matt joins one of the hottest families on the street, the Brennan’s playing Aaron, the middle brother of Mark (Scott McGregor) and Tyler (Travis Burns). The 26-year-old is one of Australia’s most sought after models.  He recently featured on bus stops across London for an underwear campaign and is front and centre on billboards across Los Angeles.  A qualified carpenter, Matt downed tools in 2011 to pursue a television career.

Zoe has been cast as Amy Robinson, the long lost daughter of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) who arrives in Erinsborough with her son Jimmy played by 10-year-old Darcy, in his first television role.

The introduction of Jimmy elevates Stefan Dennis to grandfather status, a new mantle for the Neighbours stalwart.

“What, I’m a grandfather? How did that happen!” laughed Stefan. “I guess if you stick around long enough, that’s the next step, although the one consolation, Alan Fletcher was a grandpa before me.”

Felix Mallard returns to the fold with a few surprises for his grandparents Karl and Susan, and reveals a hidden talent.

“I’m delighted Zoe, Matt, Darcy and Felix are joining the cast and we have a lot in store for their characters, there will be a few bewildered faces when they arrive and one in particular makes a memorable entrance, ” said Neighbours’ Series Producer Jason Herbison.


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