Telstra Business Women’s Awards announce new categories

New awards categories including, Start-Up, Entrepreneur and For Purpose and Social Enterprise have been added to the 2015 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, recognising that brilliant business women come from across all sectors.

In their 21st year, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards have rewarded and raised the profile of thousands of women across all areas of business who have pushed boundaries and achieved excellence.

Kate McKenzie, Telstra Chief Operations Officer and Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador, said the introduction of new categories in Australia’s longest-running business women’s awards was important to reflect changes in Australian business.

“We believe in a broad definition of success, so we’ve adjusted our Awards categories this year to make sure we continue to recognise vibrant business women from all industries,” Ms McKenzie said.

“In 2015 we’ll introduce both Start-Up and Entrepreneur categories that are open to the many inspiring women who’ve backed themselves and taken the risks to turn their passion into businesses. We’ve also lowered the age of the Young Woman’s category to 29 years and under, to highlight women who are breaking new ground early in their careers.

“Another key change this year is the addition of a new category For Purpose and Social Enterprise which recognises that more and more Australian women are leading businesses, including not-for-profits and social ventures, designed to deliver positive social and environmental change here in Australia and overseas.”

The Telstra Awards are open to women in all states and territories, whatever their career or sector, providing them with opportunities to meet, mentor and support other aspiring business women.

Nominations can be made at or by calling 1800 817 536. Entries are open from 11 May to 29 June.

“I urge you to nominate a brilliant business woman you admire and then encourage her to enter the Awards. Perhaps it is your work colleague, friend, family member or possibly even yourself,” Ms McKenzie added.

Anne Cross, 2014 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year and CEO of Uniting Care Queensland, said: “The Awards gave me a respected platform to talk to many different audiences about issues I am passionate about that impact on society - domestic violence, child safety and issues related to Indigenous people living in rural and remote areas.

“The process of nomination and selection required me to reflect deeply on what I had learnt and also on the people who had really supported me along the way. The whole experience was incredibly positive,” she said.

Previous Telstra Awards winners also include Janine Allis, Carolyn Creswell, Elizabeth Broderick, Therese Rein, Maggie Beer, Gai Waterhouse, Launa Inman and Naomi Simson.

The 2015 Telstra Business Women’s Awards six Awards categories include:

Start Up (owns minimum 25 per cent; business under three years old);

Entrepreneur (owns minimum 25 per cent; business more than three years old);

For Purpose and Social Enterprise (delivers positive social/environment change as its core mission; includes not for profit and social ventures);

Government and Academia (government departments; educational institutions; statutory bodies);

Corporate and Private (employed by the organisation); and

Young Business Women (under 29 as at 30 June 2021).


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