Swedes spent 6 hours daily using media:Report

swedish-newspapersNordicom’s March 2015 report said consumers in Sweden spent approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes with media on an average day in 2014, up by 2 minutes from a year earlier.

As in 2013, around one-quarter of that time (24%) was spent watching TV, while 32% was spent on various online activities, including digital video and social media,quoting the Nordicom  reports eMarketer.com

Though the share of time spent on social media, including blogs, chat groups, communities, discussion forums and social networks, climbed by 6 percentage points between 2012 and 2013, Nordicom found that it remained stable last year at 11% of the total daily time consumers in Sweden spent with media. Time spent online per day with traditional media, such as digital newspapers, magazines, radio or TV, took a 6% share of the total, and digital video accounted for just 1%.

In all, consumers in Sweden spent an average of 41 minutes using social media each day in 2014, but there was significant variation among the different age groups surveyed. According to the research, consumers ages 15 to 24 spent the most time on social media last year, at around 1 hour and 42 minutes on an average day, while those ages 65 to 79 spent the least time, at just 13 minutes in the same time period.

On the other hand, older consumers spent much more time watching TV than younger consumers did. In fact, while those ages 65 to 79 watched TV programming for around 2 hours and 4 minutes per day in 2014, the daily time consumers ages 15 to 24 spent watching TV in the same time period was only 59 minutes.



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