launches Political Stock Exchange game

February 18, 2014 5:22 pm1 commentViews: 3

As India chooses its Leaders, gives its users a chance to play king-maker before the Elections. To capture the election fervor and in anticipation of the most awaited event of the year – has launched Power Play – the political stock market game. The game gives users a chance to value their politicians, and have fun as they interact and share their views of leader values with other users.

Power Play is a fantasy stock market game where people can trade in “politician” shares. Similar to real-life stock markets, the trading of shares will lead to price movements. However, price movements on Power Play will also be a function of media coverage received by the politician coupled with the number of votes they receive from users.

Users also get a chance to vote up/vote down the politicians thereby affecting their share prices.

Says Rubeena Singh, COO, “ Power Play is a platform that integrates the core strengths of moneycontrol and the buzz of the upcoming General Elections. It’s a fun game that is high on interactivity and combined with the impending elections, is also highly topical. After all, the “Sentiment Meter” which lets the users vote up/vote down will also be an indicator of public’s outlook towards certain parties/politicians.”

Power Play is available on the web and on mobile.


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