Park Avenue goes beyond ‘attraction of women’

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As a brand which is for the progressive man,the team at Publicis wanted to redefine the locus of manhood and take it beyond the one-dimensional ‘attraction of women’.

“This was achieved by defining Storm as the essence of manhood itself independently. We looked into all the things apart from attracting women, which inherently made men ‘Wow’. And this is how ‘Smell like Wow’ was born. The creative execution brought it alive in the form of an engaging and endearing ode to modern manhood,” a spokesperson said.

The film starts with a bottle of Storm opening up to reveal it’s inside story. You see a man performing on stage to a bunch of cheering fans followed by a man in bed, lovingly clinging on to his bike, oblivious of the lady lying beside him. Both these visuals borrow from the fact that men not only take pride in their hobbies, but see them as an intrinsic source of emotional satisfaction.
In a visual that hints at the adventurous instincts of today’s alpha man, we see a man strumming his guitar for a gorilla, somewhere in the middle of a jungle.

Next, we see a group of men celebrating their victory on a football field followed by a good looking guy gardening with gay abandon. These visuals take from the fact most men yearn to feel a sense of achievement that needn’t have to come from their day jobs. In other words, there’s more than just seduction that motivates men.

At last we see group of women sprinkling something into a melting pot-as if adding endurance, courage or the other traits they hope to see in their men. Finally, all these ‘Wow’ moments culminate to create Storm – a deodorant that ‘Smells like Wow’.

Anil Kulkarni, Business Director, J K Helene Curtis Limited said “It’s been a long and journey from idea to final execution and what can I say….. WOW. We wanted to stay focused on the fragrance, because that’s what Park Avenue is really good at and also create a deo ad like no other. Fresh, lively, in tune with the Park Avenue man.”

Raja Chakraborty Head Marketing - J K Helene Curtis Limited said “The inherent desire to try new fragrances remains a key trigger to purchase in the Deo category, the brand becomes relevant only at this moment of truth. The brief to Publicis was indeed to generate desire among the Deo Consumer at this moment of truth. That’s how the Storm campaign thought emerged. Bobby and team did a brilliant job of telling the story of the ‘Storm Smell’ thru the lens of the Personality as a result of wearing STORM….”

Bobby Pawar, Director. Chief Creative Officer - South Asia at Publicis Worldwide said“Most deo brands play in the uni-dimensional world of male fantasy. Park Avenue is an above the belt brand, you know what I’m saying. It’s kinda obvious that deo’s should make you smell good, but every brand has walked away from that. Good for us, because that’s our strength, great fragrances. The question was, how do you visualize that? The idea came from revealing the emotional aspects of that various smells that exist in the can and combine to give you a ‘smell like wow’ experience. The smell of victory, the smell of joy, etc.”

Park Avenue Storm hits stores on the 22nd of August.

Brand Name: Park Avenue
Campaign Name: Park Avenue Storm- Smell like Wow
Duration of the TVC: 60 Seconds
TVC Release Date:August 22, 2014

Creative team:  
Bobby Pawar – Director. Chief Creative Officer - South Asia at Publicis Worldwide
Amod Dani – Executive Creative Director
Umesh Rawool – Creative Director
ZarwanDivecha – Creative Controller

Account Management:
Paritosh Srivastava – Executive Vice President
ChandanJha – Vice President
Darrell Fernandes – Client Services Director
Tejal Turakhia – Associate Account Director
Abhishek Sethia – Account Executive

Partha Sinha - Director. Chief Strategy Officer - South Asia at Publicis Worldwide
Namit Prasad – Strategic Planning Director

Jignesh Maru – Head Films Department

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