TimesJobs launches World’s First Automated Resume Builder

February 19, 2022 8:49 am1 commentViews: 23

resumaxResumax is the first online service that instantly assesses the impact of a resume and scores it based on industry standards and provides detailed feedback and targeted improvements.

New Delhi: TimesJobs.com has launched Resumax, a unique patent pending platform launched in technology partnership with VMock customized for the time-constrained jobseeker.  This is the world’s first resume-builder that computes and scores a candidate resume instantly -providing detailed feedback on which areas need development and how to improve them.

Using Resumax, jobseekers have a unique opportunity to instantly get customized feedback on their resume and improve their profiles further before they submit their resume to recruiters and apply for jobs.

While professional resume writers have been available for a long time in the resume writing industry, Resumax is the first online solution that instantly scores and assesses a resume like experts would and also shows exactly where and how to improve it further. The interactive platform also gives each candidate customized suggestions on how to write their experiences to have maximum impact and shares targeted examples.

The Resumax solution is built on best practices in resume writing to meet world-class resume standards. It uses core-competence algorithms based on resume writing criteria obtained from a variety of companies and recruiters, and allows benchmarking of a candidate resume within a pool of resumes to calculate and assign an objective score.

Speaking at the launch of Resumax, Amit Jain, Business Head, TimesJobs.com explained, “Resumes are the core of any job seekers profile however recruiters are increasingly spending less and less time filtering through candidate resumes. It is therefore imperative for job-seekers to have resumes that pop! We are excited to introduce the unique Resumax solution to help jobseekers build world-class resumes that can clear the 30-second scan test.”

Resumax assigns each candidate’s resume an RScore - a score based on three core areas – Overall Presentation of the resume, Impact of Content in the resume, and assessment of how well Soft Skills are represented in the resume.

All registered users on TimesJobs.com will have access to their RScore and the first opportunity to access this unique platform.

“Our instant resume feedback platform has been used by students from hundreds of institutions including premium institutions like BITs, IITs and IIMs to perfect their resumes, and we are now excited to be launching Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled World’s First Automated Resume Building Platform with such a powerful partner. We are confident that TimesJobs’ users will find the Resumax Solution to be quick, easy and insightful.” held Salil Pande, CEO & Co-Founder, VMock.

Now for the first time, jobseekers have instant access to a state of the art resume assessment platform to help them enhance and build their resumes based on world-class standards.


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    This article is incorrect. RezScore (rezscore.com), launched in 2011, already provide a more robust resume grading platform, and it does so for free (no registration required).

    We welcome more tools to empower job seekers to land their dream job, and encourage job seekers to use every tool at their disposal in the job hunt.

    Gerrit Hall
    CEO / Co-Founder RezScore
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