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Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge (JTTM) – the uniquely executed Investor Education Initiative from Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited, entered Phase III with the launch of its third TV commercial which breaks across national television today. Directed by Shimit Amin, the TVC is created by Taproot, Mumbai.

The effort at this stage lies in showcasing the suitability of equity mutual funds as the asset class for wealth creation over the long term.

Equity mutual funds have historically proven to be best in class asset category for wealth creation over long duration. For example, while average consumer inflation (CPI) for last 10 years has been 8.5%[1], the [2]average 10-year return on Bank FDs has been 7.9%, on gold 15.7%, the Sensex delivered total returns of 19.3% per annum[3] which is also tax-free when held for over 1 year. Retail investors have however not benefited from this on a sustained basis. This can be seen from historical data[4] a study of which clearly indicates how investors try to time their market entry instead of staying invested for the long-term.

Commenting on the choice of theme, Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer - Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group said, “As subject matter experts, we know the opportunity Indian equity mutual funds present to investors. The investor experience however seems to be marked either by their fear of volatility or expectation for short-term gain. Our objective this time around is to try point out how patience and long-term duration of investment can be key to fruitful returns in equity mutual funds.”

Chief Executive Officer, A. Balasubramanian, Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company added, “It is the need of every citizen to plan his financial goals for a better tomorrow. Our endeavour is to make investors realize that equity mutual fund is an asset class that demands investment discipline and long-term commitment so that they may make the most of this asset class to achieve their long-term aspirations.”

The objective of the latest campaign from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund is to empower the viewers to self-realize the opportunity of investing in equity mutual funds. This has been brought about by addressing the investor’s anxiety over equity mutual funds by highlighting the fact that in the long run, equities have given better returns when given enough time.

Speaking about the campaign Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Director, Taproot India said, “The Jaanoge Toh Maanoge initiative has always drawn parallels between mutual funds and real life. This time we needed investors to understand the merits of staying invested in equity mutual funds for a long period of time, because good returns are not an overnight phenomenon; which led us to the all-too-real life analogy of anxious parents. The kinds we see all around us, who expect miraculous things from their kids in very little time. Hopefully the film will tell parents and investors alike, in a light-hearted yet insightful way, that good results take time.”

Agnello Dias, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Taproot India added, “When advertising for an investment product like a mutual fund, the penny drop moment leading to sharp realization is very important. The story-telling has to be simple, non-preachy and yet persuasive. That was our endeavour behind this empathetic and engaging story for Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.”

Commenting about the film craft Shimit Amin who directed this TVC said, “We needed the message about expectations to be clear without any distracting story elements. The script did all the work so I could focus on the characters and their chemistry. For me the key were the timing and the beats. It was fun working the mischief angle, subconsciously working in Chaplin’s The Kid.”

The campaign stresses how investors need to be patient with equity mutual fund investments. The latest television commercial subtly mimics the unrealistic, short-term expectation of the investor by projecting a dedicated parent who expects a reputed Tuition Center to make his son a topper overnight. In doing so, the brand slips in the message how ‘Good Results Take Time’ by reiterating that spending time staying invested (letting your money grow over time) is much more important than timing the market (Entering and exiting the market to make a windfall)

The TVC opens with a man walking purposefully down the road firmly holding onto a small boy in tow. He seems visibly upset while the child is lost in a world of his own. At this moment, the narrator or sutradhar says, “Today, Mr. Mehra’s son failed in mathematics”. We now see Mr Mehra along with his son march right into a Tuition Centre, as the sutradhar continues, “Which is why, he went straight to the best tuition teacher in town” and while getting his son registered at the Tuition Centre said, “– so my son will top from tomorrow onwards right?” Hearing this expectation from the father, both the teacher and the child are taken aback and look at the father wide-eyed. The film then cuts to the sutradhar, who is sitting on the one of the benches of the tuition center. He then tells the viewers – “Even you will agree that one does not get results this fast, but if I tell you the same thing about Equity Mutual Funds, will you agree?” He then urges the viewer to give enough time to their equity mutual fund investments to grow. The TVC then closes with the sutradhar highlighting the tagline, Jaanoge tabhi toh Maanoge, urging viewers to visit for more information about mutual funds.

Directed by Shimit Amin, the TVC is created by Team Taproot, Mumbai led by Umesh Shrikhande, Agnello Dias, Santosh Padhi, comprising Priyanka Rishi, Priyank Misra, Ambalika Sen in Account Management and Pallavi Chakravarti, Gauri Burma, Nivedita Agashe, Pranav Bhide, Rutuja Mali and Anoop K K in Creative.

Phase III of Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge comprises a complete 360 degree communication mix for multi-channel and multi-screen visibility. The television commercial created by Taproot India breaks across national television on September 8, 2014. It draws viewer traffic to a user-friendly, interactive website by Grey Digital which enhances user experience through social integration and sharing of UGC across social platforms. This is supported with radio-spots across leading radio stations and direct emailers across audience clusters and branding across BSLMF’s national network.


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