IBNLive.com, IBNKhabar.com partner Vdopia

New Delhi: Web18’s IBNLive.com (CNN-IBN’s news portal) and IBN Khabar.com (Web 18’s Hindi news portal) have partnered with Vdopia to power online video advertising on the Live TV section of the respective website. The online feed covers live news being broadcasted on-air, from CNN-IBN and IBN7.

Today CNN-IBN is the leader in the English News television industry in India. The channel’s definitive news portal, IBNLive.com, supplements its position with a strong focus on inclusive journalism through LIVE TV, podcasts, exclusives, chats et al

Dominating the Hindi news space, week after week, IBN7 maintains its position as the most watched Hindi News Channel in India. IBNKhabar.com, the leading Hindi News website, holds and supplements IBN7’s leading position, being its dedicated online property.

Vijay Kunduri, AVP - Sales, Web18 commented, “We pride ourselves in delivering quality content and live news feed airing on television through ibnlive.com & ibnkhabar.com. We have witnessed tremendous growth in consumption of online videos and online video advertising space and expect this growth to further manifold in the years to come. Vdopia has innovative offerings in terms of product and platform, and we are happy to be partnering with them.”

Debadutta Upadhyaya, VP - India, Vdopia, said “Today, advertisers are benefiting from the online video advertising medium by obtaining competitive ROI. Vdopia’s platform offers advertisers the opportunity to target online video consumers with contextual, interactive advertising for every second of the video being watched by the user. Addition of IBNLive.com into our network would further strengthen our offering in the market.”

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