Zindagi LIVE Awards- A Tribute to Human Courage

November 5, 2021 1:53 pm0 commentsViews: 5

New Delhi, November 5th: In the very first edition of the Zindagi LIVE Awards, IBN7 is all set to showcase the courageous few who have stood tall against the adversities of life. The two part episodes will feature winners and their inspiring stories. The shows are an artistic rendition of the struggle of these heroic people against adverse circumstances. Each story is an inspiration that shows the spirit of the human will.

The episode on the 6th of November showcases the following winners:

•    Syed Imran Khan- He was wrongly convicted for alleged involvement in the 2007 Mecca masjid blast. His innocence was finally proven and got acquitted from the conspiracy.  He fought hard to reclaim his life.
•    Laxman Gole- With 18 criminal cases against him, Laxman decided to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps of non violence; he gave up his ways of violence to follow the path of peace.
•    Mrs & Mr. Bhagwan Dass- Lost their son and daughter in the Delhi blasts. The old couple are taking a bold step by trying to put their life back together by Mr. Bhagwan Das taking up a low paying job.
•    Harish Iyer- A victim of sexual abuse, Harish faced abuse from the tender age of 9 till he was 18. He finally decided to raise his voice against this injustice and has recovered from this traumatic experience. Today, he leads a proud life as a gay person and is strongly supported by his family.
•    Murali Prasad Gupta- Worked as a daily wage labourer for years in a village of Bihar, with a dream of his son becoming a government officer. His faith was justified when his son became an IAS officer and showed the world that no dream is too big.

Watch the success story of these winners on Sun, Nov 6th @ 08:00 PM with a repeat telecast on Nov 7th @ 11AM.
Ashutosh, Managing Editor IBN7, said, “Zindagi LIVE awards initiative is a heartfelt attempt to honour those who have walked the difficult path of life.”


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