YUDU Media publishes stats and projections for the Apple iPad and the wider tablet market

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A new free report from ePublishing specialists YUDU Media compiles stats and projections for the Apple iPad and the wider tablet market.

A third report in YUDU’s Apple iPad Trends and Statistics series has been published by ePublishing specialists YUDU Media (www.yudu.com). The free report provides analysis of new statistics to emerge since the last report was published in February 2011, and concludes that despite stiff competition, all signs suggest that the iPad will continue its table market dominance for the foreseeable future.

In the time since the last report the iPad and the iPad 2 find themselves in an ever-increasing pool of competitors, where it was once examined as a standalone product, it is now regularly judged against its competitors. Whilst the mode of analysis has changed, statistics and trends relating to Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 still remain almost unanimously positive – Apple is on course to sell 46 million tablet devices this year, 4 times larger than their Android Rivals. This third trends and statistics report examines Apple’s current and projected position and looks at the potential impact of the competitively priced Kindle Fire.

This concise report draws on research from companies such as Gartner, IDC, PWC, IHS and Social Cast and highlights 6 new trends to have emerged since the last report was published, as well as providing updates on the previous reports findings.

To read YUDU’s free iPad Trends Report: View it on iPad/iPhone via the YUDU App. Or alternatively, you can view the report online. As part of the effort to provide relevant, up to date analysis of the iPad and the eReader market, YUDU will continue to provide updated reports. An infographic summarizing the information in the report can be viewed here.

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