YR Uruguay named most creative agency in annual survey held by Equipos Mori

March 26, 2022 1:31 am0 commentsViews: 4

Y_and_R_logo_Advertisers in Uruguay choose Young & Rubicam as the agency they would recommend, the most creative, with better strategic planning and the market leader.

And for the fifth consecutive year, Álvaro Moré has been chosen as the Best Director of Agency.

In Young & Rubicam Uruguay the staff are celebrating. The agency led by Álvaro Moré has just obtained excellent results in the annual survey held among major advertisers, conducted by Equipos Mori.

Advertisers have chosen Young & Rubicam as “the agency they would recommend.” This is consistent with the results of the survey that yielded that Young & Rubicam is the most creative agency and the best in strategic planning.

With 47% of the responses, advertisers claimed Young & Rubicam as the market leader.

“Being named as the leading agency in the market makes us feel proud: for the team of talents who work every day, for our clients who trust us and require us to keep improving ourselves,” said Alvaro Moré, president of Young & Rubicam in Uruguay.

Thus, 2013 has had a great start for Young & Rubicam.


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