Yahoo launches digital magazine on Politics

Yahoo Inc.has announced the launch of Yahoo Politics, the 12th category-specific digital magazine from the company.

Yahoo Politics, a visually immersive digital magazine conceived to make news, break news and drive the political conversation, is the latest addition to Yahoo’s suite of magazines, which also include number one ranked titles for Beauty Movies, Parenting, Style and Travel1.

Under the editorial leadership of Yahoo News Group Editor-in-Chief Megan Liberman, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Garance Franke-Ruta and Yahoo News Deputy Editor Dan Klaidman, Yahoo Politics will feature regular bylines from Yahoo’s world-class editorial team including National Political Columnist Matt Bai, Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Chief Washington Correspondent Olivier Knox, Senior Political Reporter Jon Ward and Congressional Correspondent Meredith Shiner.

Senior National Correspondent Lisa Belkin, West Coast Correspondent Andrew Romano, national correspondents Holly Bailey and Alyssa Bereznak, and Senior National Affairs Writer Liz Goodwin will also be regular contributors.


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