Yahoo India Expands Search on Mobile

June 23, 2021 3:48 am0 commentsViews:

Yahoo! has expanded the reach of its mobile search service, Yahoo! oneSearch beta, to its consumers in India.

OneSearch reinvents search on the mobile and is designed to provide consumers exactly whatever they are looking for on their cell phones - instant, relevant answers, a Yahoo! release said.

This beta version of OneSearch can now be accessed through Yahoo!’s mobile website, on any cell phone which has a browser and Internet access. At launch, consumers in India would be able to access news, finance, weather, image and flicker.

Yahoo! Connected Life Asia Vice president and general manager David Ko said, “Consumers want search on their mobile phone to be entirely different from search on the PC. Yahoo! oneSearch is designed specifically for the mobile phone. It understands what busy consumers are looking for when they are on the move and brings up relevant answers in the first screen. It delivers better results with just one search, instead of a sea of websites.”

Yahoo! oneSearch first launched on the company’s Mobile Web service US in March 2007.

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