World of competitive car flipping on Discovery Turbo

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Mumbai: Welcome to the world of competitive car flipping on Discovery Turbo. The channel dedicated to all things motorised takes viewers into the intense world of automobile auctions in its brand new series Car Sharks .

Expert car dealers from every corner of the globe will gather in Dallas, Texas, to seek hot deals with the determination to transform the best bargains into massive profits. With just 30 seconds to make a decision, the Car Sharks rely on their instincts and experience to outwit competition.

Find out if the tough-talking, larger-than-life dealers can outbid and out-buy each other when Car Sharks airs every Thursday at 9:00 PM, only on Discovery Turbo.

From Pontiacs to Impalas and from Hummers to Jeeps, the auctions showcase a spectrum of neglected gems. Though it’s only when the vehicle is won, and the sharks discover its actual condition and history, that the real drama begins. If the sharks outbid each other and negotiations stop at gridlocks, the glimmer of profits can seem bleak. Then again, a new turn can flip the odds - especially when the cars come with hidden surprises, treasures or contraband. Watch the drama unfold when some of the contenders experience rude awakenings when the car they’ve won turns out to be a lemon.

From electrifying Italian machines to Toyota cruisers, Car Sharks explores the facts and figures of the world’s most revered cars with dreaded pasts, taking viewers deep into the shocking reality behind these masterpieces. Discover the elements of a winning car, how to defeat competition in negotiation, and transform vehicles to make it bigger and better than ever before.

Real Characters: Nothing says “buy-me” like a car with a little personality. Tommy’s 1999 Prowler auction buy gets flirty, Ash’s 1969 Camaro SS shows its stubborn side, and JD’s 3-series BMW turns into a total tease. Meanwhile, Martha’s latest beater truck proves while it may be down, it’s not out.
Born to be Wild: Martha bets big on a vintage Harley with a big question mark. Ash goes for the gold with a 1984 380SL Mercedes roadster that empties his wallet, and JD goes home with a classic beauty only to give her up.  Tommy toughens up a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Roackability Rod: Variety is the spice of life and the Car Sharks know they’ll find it at the auto auction. JD eyes a finely tuned two-wheeled Italian machine.  Ash and JD go head to head over a 2000 Chevy Camaro Convertible. Tommy spies a classic 1955 Chevrolet with incredible curb appeal. Martha tries to resurrect a tired Mustang.

Pole Position:  The Car Sharks battle it out for supremacy both on and off the auto auction block. Tommy works to turn a classic 1951 Chevy Fleetline into a custom Hot Rod. JD steamrolls the competition and takes home a 1985 Chevy mud bogging truck.  Later, the Sharks settle an on-going battle to find out who really is the fastest racecar driver.

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