Why senior journalists are leaving India Today Group !

October 31, 2021 12:22 am0 commentsViews: 53
New Delhi: Why senior journalists are leaving India Today Group ? This question has become more urgent as we hear that veteran journalist M J Akbar has also bid adieu to the group. He is the second big name after Bharat Bhushan who had quit as Editor, Mail Today early this year.

Mr Akbar has neither divulged his future plans nor cited any reason to quit . However the terms on which he quit are ‘positive ‘ and has enjoyed working with the group . This is what he told to an industry publication .

To Say Nothing, To Do Nothing, Stops Nothing !……is an old saying. India Today is still a leader in its segment , so is Aaj Tak and Mail Today as a new print media brand . Nothing stops when someone quits . Things go as usual but still there are some individual roles and contribution which cannot be ignored. If Prabhu Chawla was the soul of Sidhi Baat, Bharat Bhushan was the person who successfully created a new print media brand particularly when the giants like TOI and HT were threre already in the over crowded market . IT ( India Today) readers will too miss Akbar Ka Darbar.

It was said Bharat Bhushan had quit due to internal ‘politics’. One of his close associates had also left on the same grounds. Also there will be some reason responsible for Mr Akbar’s exit.

Rumours are rife as the position vacated by Mr Akbar is very important . Who is going to occupy his place ?

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