Webchutney launches Pepe Jeans campaign

November 23, 2021 7:59 pm0 commentsViews: 58
India’s leading digital agency, Webchutney leverages Pepe Jeans’ collaboration with Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team to expand the brand’s digital presence through a strategic campaign.

Mumbai: In a bid to strengthen its association with the Red Bull Racing team and Formula 1 sport, Pepe Jeans partnered with Webchutney to create ‘One with F1’, a gaming contest application that incorporated the common vision shared by Pepe Jeans and Red Bull Racing - youthfulness, energy and dynamism.

The application comprising 4 mini games, tested users on the basis of their speed, racing knowledge, reflexes and timing. The challenges were aimed at replicating the adrenalin rush associated with the races and included :a test of the user’s typing speed ,a Red Bull Racing car jigsaw puzzle ,a time based Formula 1 quiz to test their knowledge and a gear shifting app that required users to shift gears with the changing speed of the race car .

And to top it off, all challenges could be started only once the F1 key was pressed! Awards including a main grand stand ticket to the Indian Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing merchandise were given out at the end of the contest to the winners.

Neha Shah, Marketing Manager, Pepe Jeans India Pvt Ltd said, ‘Our objective was to amplify the excitement around the Indian Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing and a strong digital campaign seemed like the perfect platform to ensure that we reach the right audience. We wanted to design a campaign targeting fans for whom the Indian Grand Prix was more than just fast car. We wanted to create something for fans driven by a genuine passion for the sport. By partnering with Webchutney on ‘One with F1’, we were able to successfully integrate the enthusiasm around F1 with our brand while at the same time ensuring adequate two way interaction with our customers.’

Sheetal Vanwari, Creative Director, Webchutney quoted ‘In our endeavor to constantly remain at the forefront of creating inimitable digital experiences, we were thrilled to partner with Pepe on a campaign around the Indian Grand Prix, a sport that has gained such immense popularity in our country in such a short span of time. Our strategy from the start was to create a youthful user experience symbolizing the spirit of the sport through increased digital engagement.’

The campaign was a huge success witnessing participation from over a thousand users within a time span of only 20 days.

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