Volvo’s don’t drink and drive campaign goes viral

December 30, 2021 3:29 pm0 commentsViews: 8

Melting Moments DFor the first time after having started operations in India, the Luxury car maker Volvo auto India carried out a corporate social responsibility activity this December. It had launched a very unique don’t drink and drive campaign with Pickle Lintas.

As the year comes to an end the celebrations begin, proving to be a fertile time to get such a message across to revelers across the city. Volvo auto India collaborated with many pubs and bars across the city like Manahttan Craft Brewery, Turquoise Cottage among others and carried out an event called “Melting Moments”.

Volvo made car shaped ice lollies that they had these bars and pubs serve their guests during the course of the activity.

Every time a guest ordered a drink, he/she would be served with these special car shaped ice lollies which once dipped into a drink would naturally melt and therefore disfigure the car. Once the car shaped ice lolly would melt a message would then appear on the stirrer that read “Don’t mix your drink with your drive”.

Sudeep Narayan (Marketing & PR Director, Volvo Auto India) says “we really appreciate Pickle Lintas efforts to conceive and execute this idea as it really brings alive the consequences of mixing drinking and driving by simply using the melting property of ice. The concept is also in line with our all-time ‘safety’ proposition.And so it did as we saw the party goers getting intrigued by this innovative idea with a social message. We also spoke to one of the high spirited guests Chiara Vidussi (traveler) “it’s a wonderful idea, ice is so close to alcohol and to turn it into the shape of a car for a message was really cool.”

Even the owners and managers of the restaurants where this activity was carried out were excited about serving these new ice cubes bewildering their guests with a message.

Sandeep Pundir (Manager, Manhattan Craft Brewery) said,“It was really exciting for us to carry out this idea because as a popular bar we really wanted to stand for a cause as we don’t want the happiness we bring you to cost lives”.


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