Vodafone Launches On The Go campaign to promote Mobile Internet

January 9, 2022 1:00 pm0 commentsViews: 61

vodafone_logo_largeMumbai: Imagine this, India’s playing the T20 world cup finals, you’re waiting at the bus stop and it’s going to be a while till the next bus arrives to get you home. Now you could either watch the world go by or with just one click tune in to watch the finals ‘live’ right away! How?

With the power of Vodafone’s Mobile Internet.  Giving mobile users the power to stay connected anywhere on the go, Vodafone brings to you unlimited possibilities and a whole new world of faster connectivity with an array of Vodafone 2G and 3G mobile internet plans.

“Watch India play at Worli Sea Face” or “Leave the rat race and start a bike race”- are some of the catchy one-liners that are part of Vodafone’s innovative multi-media Mobile Internet campaign which is set to capture every nook and corner of the city this month. The high intensity campaign will showcase a range of mobile applications  that are stimulating and interesting, enabling the user to do much more with his smartphone and have unlimited Fun with Vodafone Mobile Internet.

With the choicest offers available at a wide price range, Vodafone’s plans are affordable and offer high speed 2G and 3G data solutions to suit user requirements. Going by current mobile usage patterns, the average mobile user primarily uses mobile internet to browse functional websites, surf social networking sites and check emails. Vodafone’s latest campaign shifts gear from traditional internet usage and is focused at making the internet a source of fun and convenience.

The campaign relates near to life situations with popular mobile applications ranging from Videos, Music, Social Networking, Games, to Health, Jobs, News, and Finance and showcases how these user-friendly apps can make life easy and comfortable for the user at just one click.
Strategically promoted at bus-stops, railway stations, cinema halls, market street hoardings etc. the campaign reaches out to Mumbaikars wherever they go and captures your attention with striking lines like “Catch buses and hot news here. News is fun on Vodafone” or “Stuck behind a truck? Watch a Trailer. Videos are fun on Vodafone 3G”.

Taking into account market trends of increased internet usage and sales of smartphone spiraling upward day by day, Vodafone’s mobile internet campaign comes at the right time. Empowering mobile users to experience the luxury and convenience of the internet at their fingertips, regardless of where they are at any given moment, Vodafone’s Mobile Internet helps consumers discover, learn and enjoy! To subscribe, Vodafone customers simply need to sms www to 111, and choose a package best suited for them.

Speaking on the launch of Vodafone’s new mobile internet campaign, Arvind Vohra, Business Head, Mumbai, Vodafone India said, “Our current mobile internet campaign brings forth multiple facets of the internet through interesting applications that deliver convenience ‘on the go’. With an increase in smartphones across the city, the need for high speed connectivity is growing and Vodafone provides a ‘Best in Class’ mobile internet experience through an extensive range of mobile internet plans. With this campaign, we are looking at enhancing the user’s experience while ‘on the go’ and showcasing the fun possibilities of the internet. We believe it will generate much buzz and stimulate real and virtual conversations, as has been the case with most Vodafone creative campaigns.”

The campaign has been designed to build intrigue, excite and educate through experience.  The high decibel 360 degree Vodafone Mobile Internet campaign will be spread over three weeks and be activated through Outdoor, Print, Radio, Digital and on Ground activations at malls, railway stations, colleges, mobile stores and much more.


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