VC Internet Media partners Adways to expand Affiliate Marketing space

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VC Internet Media , an internet marketing company specializing in affiliate marketing and Facebook PPC announced its partnership with Adways Inc. , a leading digital company headquartered in Japan on 29 March 2013.

With this collaboration, both companies are aiming for the number one position in affiliate marketing space both on PC & mobile together in India.

“This partnership is an ideal step forwards towards our grand plan in becoming the No.1 affiliate marketing player in Asia” said Adways Executive Vice President, Junko Yoshino. “Adways’ strengths is its ability to seek out potential opportunity and moving onto it with great speed and intensity. This is how our founder became the youngest CEO to IPO in Japan and how we became the #1 affiliate player in Japan and China. To become the # 1 player in Asia, India is a vital market and we believe we were able to form an alliance with a fitting partner. VC Internet Media also has a great culture to move on things with velocity and we believe this quality has a perfect synergy with Adways.”

Parul Mehta, CEO & co-founder for vCommission said “We welcome Adways to India and we’re elated to be a part of Adways globally. We see great synergy between the way both companies understand business and its execution. Adways’ success in Japan and China mixed with Tarang and my affiliate marketing knowledge and execution in India should work wonders for our joint venture together.”

VC Internet Media was formed in 2007 when its founders – Tarang Bhargava and Parul Mehta were still working as affiliates individually. In 2008, they started an affiliate network – vCommission which is India’s first international affiliate network and initially focused on US/UK markets till 2010. Since 2010, the network shifted its focus to Indian market and has been progressing well, having serviced over a hundred Indian brands with a publisher base of approx. 11,000 registered affiliates/publishers. Tarang Bhargava is a serial entrepreneur and has various other ventures in the internet space already and intends to build many more in the Joint Venture Company (JVC). Tarang is primarily involved in advising, planning and strategy and will continue to do the same for the JVC. Parul Mehta is a budding internet marketer who gets things done for the company. She started her career with this company itself and with progressing knowledge and experience went on to execute and run the company’s most successful venture till date – vCommission.

Adways Inc. is a digital marketing company and service provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with overseas offices in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and US. In Japan and China, Adways is No.1 Affiliate marketing company on PC and mobile including smartphone. Adways Inc. is listed in Tokyo stock exchange since 2006.


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