TV Remains the Leading Source of News ,Interest in print has sunk fairly low

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tv_news_teamMore than half of US adult consumers across age groups still favor the TV as their preferred source of news, according to a June 2013 Gallup poll.

Those older than 65 and those without a college degree were the most likely to prefer TV news, while 18- to 49-year-olds were the most likely to say they favored the web for news consumption, hovering around 27% of respondents. Interest in print news as a preferred source among all but the oldest consumers, however, has sunk fairly low, cited by between 6% and 8% of adults ages 64 or younger.

In terms of the specific news sources consumers gravitated toward, FOX led the news channels, cited by 8% of respondents, followed by CNN at 7%. Local TV news beat out all other national networks as a preferred TV news source, at 4%. These percentages are not a reflection of actual viewer numbers but what people cite as their leading source of news.

A seemingly small 2% of polled consumers said their preferred news source was Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites; however, that was still greater than the percentage of respondents who cited many of the major TV networks or specific print publications.

Overall, radio was 3 percentage points behind print, preferred by 6% in total.

Another interesting fact from the survey—a much greater proportion of employed Americans favored the internet as their main source of news (26%), compared with those who were unemployed (15%). Employed adults were also more likely to favor the radio, which could relate to the daily habits of those in the workforce. These individuals are more likely to listen to the radio during their commute and may access online news while at work.

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