TV ads prompt mobile action at highest rate of all ad types

December 7, 2021 11:33 am0 commentsViews: 5
Tablets are a key element in the “couch and pillow commerce” enabled by home usage of portable internet-connected devices—rather than “traditional” online shopping on a desktop or stationary laptop PC. And research shows that a majority of tablet owners of all ages use their devices to get more info about interesting products they see on television.

A survey conducted in August by Harris Interactive for The Search Agency found that more than seven in 10 US tablet owners ages 18 to 34, and more than eight in 10 tablet owners ages 35 to 44, looked up product information on their devices after seeing something interesting about it on TV. The behavior was significantly less common among older tablet owners (and, in addition, older consumers are already less likely to own tablets), but still, more than half of those 45 and older did the same.

Other research showed that TV ads were the No. 2 reason smartphone and tablet owners turned to their mobile devices for actions such as brand searches, app downloads or visiting brand websites or social networking pages. Only recommendations came in higher in an October survey from Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic.

That made TV commercials more important than ads in any other medium for driving mobile action, and put it just barely above seeing the brand in a physical store—that is, showrooming.


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