Trinetra Focus launches Worldoo digital campaign

May 23, 2022 7:26 pm0 commentsViews: 28

Trinetra Focus, the digital arm of Focus, witnesses success for the digital campaign of an online ecosystem for kids. Trinetra Focus, known for devising effective campaigns for brands, has planned out a breakthrough strategy for Worldoo which has been one of their most challenging projects till date. The agency has been involved in the project since its initial planning phase in order to develop a 360 degree campaign.

The Worldoo campaign has been announced as a success owing to the rave reviews received and more than 3000 users signing up within 2 weeks of its launch. Being the first ones to implement the regular audit analysis, Trinetra Focus aims to use the information effectively to modulate the outreach plan.

Highlighting the experience of transforming a vision into reality, Saumik Barua, Vice President, Trinetra Focus explained, “So far it’s been one of the best experiences, to have devised a strategy for a platform like Worldoo with such a versatile offering and engaging with the most elusive and unpredictable audience online. Executing all our digital initiatives has been challenging but also satisfactorily rewarding. Keeping in mind, the concept of the platform and the influencers for our TG, our research based approach and communication messages were the key aspects in making this campaign a success.”

Undertaking a strong content/visual based approach, Trinetra Focus elaborated on the in-depth market research conducted, that proved to be the most important pillar in structuring these initiatives. With Google taking a lead amongst kids in the online world for various reasons such as games, reference sites for school projects and others considering the nature of the platform and primary medium used for the campaign, there was an intensive back end planning involved for making engageable communication. Along with Google Search they have also targeted Google Display and Youtube where children and mothers alike consume a lot of visual content. Trinetra has also been leveraging awareness aptly through it’s partner’s sites, by running high impact rich media ads on platforms like Zapak Kids, Cartoon Network, Mini Clip, Chhota Bheem etc. Further to which, offline engagements have been consistently supporting the initiative.

According to the research conducted for Worldoo, Trinetra closely studied aspects such as usage of the internet by kids in terms of time span, peak hours, favourite websites, purpose etc.  along with understanding the mothers’ perception around the internet usage.  They also had some parallel online activities conducted to understand sensitive issues amongst parents. Integrating insights like these helped Trinetra in framing a layout strategy for the campaign.

The agency now plans to take this hype at the next level through applying some innovative ideas of engagement that have been chalked out as a part of sustenance strategy.


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