Tim Faulkner returns on Animal Planet

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The new season of The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner  premiering December 01, every night at 9 pm on Animal Planet tracks Tim hatching baby alligators, tagging rock wallabies, releasing turtles and travelling deep into the Australian outback in search of rare and bizarre species to tick off his ‘bucket list’.

Join wildlife expert Tim Faulkner as he wrestles saltwater crocodiles, wrangles deadly taipans and milks funnel-web spiders. It’s all in a morning’s work for the reptile park operations manager and wildlife expert.

A conservation series, The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner follows the busy schedule of Australian Reptile Park General Manager Tim Faulkner, as he tackles the daily challenges of running one of Australia’s most action packed wildlife parks.

Also, in this series, viewers meet Tim’s young son Bill (aged 4+), as he shares his dad’s passion for wildlife conservation. One of his first lessons is the challenge of ‘how to train your Komodo dragon’.

The 20-part series The Wildlife of Tim Faulkner sees Tim spending time at the Devil Ark, the Tasmanian Devil insurance breeding program to ensure the survival and sustainability of the species in the wild.  He also explores the Tasmanian coast and heads out to the Southern Ocean to see its birdlife, dolphins and seals before heading north where he encounters Australia’s longest python.

Tim encounters Australia’s largest lizard in central Australia, he administers a dose of antibiotics to the reptile park’s cranky croc Elvis.  Further, Tim heads to Central Australia to see what effects drought and introduced feral pests are having on local wildlife. He joins his team to rescue seven juvenile alligators from a muddy ending and deals with an eye infection of a cobra.   Further in the series, Tim tours Tasmania’s Serengeti where he encounters kangaroos, wombats, echidna and some rare feathered friends.

Now 32 years, Tim has been working in the zoo and conservation industry his whole life. Since volunteering at a Sydney Wildlife Park from the age of 14, Tim has worked with some of Australia’s rarest most endangered species and their species management programs within captivity.

Tim is playing an important role in the Tasmanian devil mainland breeding program, the Devil Ark.  The iconic Tasmanian devil is nearing extinction from the devil facial tumour disease. In Animal Planet’s series, viewers follow Tim as he discusses the devastating effect facial tumors are having on the animal and what the Reptile Park is doing to help. Tim is extremely proud that the Park has bred more devils than any other establishment.  His work with the Australian Reptile Park’s venom program also sees him handling the world’s deadliest snakes and spiders to produce venom which is then made into anti-venom at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory.


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