‘Tiger Sisters’ rewrite big cat behaviour rules

Tigers are generally known to be solitary hunters. However, in the forests of Maharashtra, a gang of tiger sisters have rewritten the rules of tiger behaviour.

The four tiger sisters - Mona, Geeta, Lara and Sonam - were well on their way to adulthood and form their own territories.  But the young tigresses were inexperienced hunters and faced tough survival challenges. Instinctively they joined forces to hunt as a pack and take on dangerous prey. Hunting as a pack, they have overturned the rules forever.

Discovery Channel will present this fascinating story in its Republic Day Special on January 26 Tiger Sisters of Telia at 9pm.

Tiger Sisters of Telia follows the four tiger sisters who had entrenched themselves well around the Telia Lake - the core of their mother’s territory. Once the girls grew older and stronger, instinct kicked in and they competed to take control of their mother’s territory. Their sister-bond was broken. To survive independently, each sister had to hunt every week, and alone. However, each one struggled. Desperate and starved, the four sisters made a startling choice – to form an alliance. This one-hour programme tracks the journey of these four tiger sisters as they unite to form an unprecedented bond.

Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Discovery Channel prides itself in presenting path-breaking programmes with deep rooted human interests, from India and around the world. Tiger Sisters of Telia captures the extraordinary behaviour of four tiger sisters and their unique adaptation to survive.”

After forming a gang, in a matter of days, the tiger sisters became fearless and unstoppable.  They took down a couple of sambars, stalked a guar (Indian Bison) and killed a sloth bear.  The programme captures many such extremely rare occurrences and tracks the journey of tiger sisters as they unite to form an unparalleled bond - stronger than ever.  Hunting as a pack, they are overturning the rules of tiger life.


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