The Indian Express Group: The leading light in the battle against corruption

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The Indian Express Group was the unifying voice behind India’s struggle for independence. Today, it is the leading light in the battle against corruption as well as empowering the people of India.

The Indian Express began its journey in 1932. Since then, the Group has grown from strength to strength. From a single edition to 35 national editions, 14 publication centers and 7 language dailies that reach over 19 million people across the country.

For the millions of readers, the name “Indian Express” evokes a feeling of faith and trust in the belief that ‘their Express’ will provide the true picture of India and the world at large. Published from 21 centers across the country, the newspaper has been identified with credible and fiercely independent journalism in India. One of the most influential newspapers of the Indian subcontinent, The Indian Express has been the watchdog for the Indian people, fiercely treading the terrains of investigative and pro-active journalism.

Some of the most shocking stories in the history of Indian journalism are credited to this newspaper. For instance, it showed how slavery existed in 20th century India when an Express reporter actually bought a woman from the market and wrote the famous story of Kamla. When the Press was muzzled and gagged and democracy kept in prison in 1975 during the Emergency, The Express was one of the few papers to stand up and speak out against the anti-democracy moves of the government, it was the loudest voice and the strictest critic to bring the guilty to account, at the highest levels of power wielding authority, and enable the return of freedom to the people of India. Express, virtually single-handedly, overthrew the then government by forcing it to hold a free and fair national elections.

Now, adapting to the changing world are the brands of the Group that cover every sector one can conceive of. The aggressively independent The Indian Express, the courageous style of The Sunday Express, the supremely analytical nature of The Financial Express, the indomitable Loksatta, the insightful Lokprabha, the sprightly Screen, the breaking-news-at-breakneck-speed providing Express Online and the comprehensive Business Publications Division throw light on a range of topics such as Indian politics, economy, business, society and culture.

As India evolves, you can be sure that the Indian Express Group will evolve too, to keep pace with whatever tomorrow will bring in an unending effort to arm India with the knowledge to deal with an uncertain future and ensure it remains the champion of freedom for the world at large.

To turn the above into reality, The Indian Express Group boasts an extensive newsgathering and marketing infrastructure as well as a state-of-the-art communications network that is one of the best in the Indian publishing industry.

Ramnath goenkaFor Ramnath Goenka, the founder of the Indian Express Group, a newspaper was not just another business. It was a mission, a vocation and a calling. The running of The Indian Express was, for him, not a matter of profit and loss but a vehicle of national empowerment.

Two elements made him a true original. His sense of history and his instinct of patriotism.

He was one of the few who preferred to stay away from the corridors of power, watching, counseling and cautioning instead. From the 1960s, when he felt that the country’s leadership had strayed from the moorings of the nation’s founders, he led a relentless campaign against corruption in public life.
The persecutions he suffered in the process have since become a part of journalistic folklore. In the process, he scripted a new chapter in the history of India. That of Journalism of Courage. It is this pioneering, intrepid spirit that drives the Group even today.

Ramnath Goenka matters because he was the first to conceive of one newspaper covering the whole of India. Functioning as a beacon for all those who wanted to know the true and right path.

He switched on the light, we are guided by it. Chairman & Managing Director : Viveck GoenkaAn Engineer by qualification, a newspaper publisher by profession and a socially committed citizen by choice, Viveck Goenka is the Chairman & Managing Director of Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Ltd., one of the most widespread newspaper publishing groups in India.

He is also a Director of the United News of India. He has been Director of The Press Trust of India (PTI), a Council member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), and was one of the youngest past presidents of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS). He continues to be an Executive Committee Member at the INS.

His commitment to the progress and development of media had led him to be a Council Member of the National Readership Studies Council and was on the Board of Governors of the Media Research Users Council, two leading organizations providing research data on media in India. He is a member of the Advertising Association, India Chapter. He was also a member of the International Advertising Association Inc., New York.

He has developed several business publications like Express Computer in imparting information in development of modern technology. One of his initiatives, a North American edition of “The Indian Express”, is a reflection of his commitment to disseminate information about India to the millions of Indians living abroad.

In a country where most media, especially print is closely held, and does not believe in professional management, Mr Goenka has actively supported, nurtured and encouraged professionals not just in management but also in editorial. He has created an atmosphere of freedom and independence for editorial teams of all Express publications. His only stipulation, be just, be free of bias, be dauntless in the spirit of the Express founder Ramnath Goenka and live up to the Express ethos of “Journalism of Courage”. It is his commitment to editorial independence that has made the Express Group the first choice of editorial professionals across the country.

As a concerned citizen of India, Mr. Goenka has set up various Trusts to help the less privileged in some of India’s most backward areas. His personal beliefs also found expression in the group publications which are always at the forefront in taking up socially relevant causes.

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