The budget brings good news for the radio industry: Tarunn Katiyal

February 28, 2022 6:27 pm0 commentsViews: 8

“The budget brings good news for the radio industry, with phase III poised to create optimal reach for the medium. Other benefits like news, networking, current affairs and sports, multiple frequencies etc. will add the necessary fillip to further fuel listenership growth through reach and content diversification and will also drive profitability and revenue through cost optimization,”.

“With deeper penetration, radio can play a key role as a catalyst of social transformation through partnership for CSR initiatives, social causes and Government initiatives, as it reaches where no other medium can because of literacy and cost issues. With expansion to 300+ cities, it stands to reach 90% of the Indian population, making it truly, a common man’s medium,” said Tarun Katial, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd.


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