Tablets booming as shopping device in Denkark

Tablets are becoming popular in Denmark online shoppers .But internet users still prefer to buy most items in-store, reports

eMarketer estimates that 81.3% of internet users in Denmark will make at least one purchase via any digital channel in 2015 and expects an even higher share (88.6%) to use digital devices to browse, research or compare products. According to Radius Kommunikation research for Eniro Krak, the preferred digital device for both product search and purchase was still a laptop or desktop computer, even though tablets were quickly gaining ground.

In fact, Kristoffer Apollo, communication manager at Eniro Denmark, said that “the tablet is booming as a shopping device [in Denmark]. Within only two years, the number of Danes who say they usually use a tablet to shop online has tripled and is now at 26%. This is primarily driven by tablet usage among the middle-aged and elderly.”

Nevertheless, it seems unlikely that computers and mobile devices will replace in-store shopping in Denmark any time soon. Eniro Krak found that the only product categories for which internet users favored digital purchase channels were travel and media. When it came to buying all other types of goods and services, respondents still preferred brick-and-mortar stores.

This was especially true for groceries, as 90% of respondents said they would rather stock up carts in-store. Another 80% said the same for personal care and health products. On the other hand, just 7% of internet users in Denmark preferred to buy travel and cultural experiences in-store, compared with 81% who would rather do so on a domestic or foreign ecommerce site.


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