Star World to air ‘Once Upon a Time’ series

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once-upon-a-time-On screen couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Joshua Dallas, stars of the fantasy TV series ‘Once Upon a Time’ that will soon air on Star World, married last week in an intimate ceremony.

The actors first met on the sets of series where they currently play star-crossed lovers Snow White and Prince Charming. The couple started dating in 2011 and announced their engagement in October, 2013. They are expecting their first child and the writers of the show have included Ginnifer Goodwin’s pregnancy into Season 3 with Snow White’s character also sporting a baby bump.

‘Once Upon a Time’ is a fantasy show based in Storybrooke, a quiet, little, New England town right out of a fairy tale. The town is filled with normal everyday people trapped in their daily motions by The Evil Queen’s curse. They have no hope, no real memories, no identities and no ‘happily ever-after’s’.

The show is full of all the stories and characters we know from our stories growing up from magic to monsters. The ingrained storyline is all about hope and finding one’s identity against all odds.

The entire series will premiere on Star World on Thursday, 1st May at 11PM.


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